Vehicles are classified according to their age and when they built.

Below are the SAVVA / South African classifications: -

Class A Ancestor Built prior to December 31st 1904
Class B Veteran  Built between 1st January 1905 & December 31st 1918
Class C Vintage Built between 1st January 1919 & December 31st 1930
Class D Post Vintage Built between 1st January 1931 & December 31st 1945
Class E Post War Built between 1st January 1946 & December 31st 1960
Class F Post 1960 Built between 1st January 1961 & December 31st 1970
Class G Post 1970 Built between 1st January 1970 & SAVVA age limit as defined in their Constitution


Various later classifications exist for later time periods to suit particular events. 


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